The construction of a musical instrument is a very great task for me because each person has a certain range of acoustic frequencies that affect one's soul. And because each person has different states of mind ... this unit of measure is something very subjective ... there are people who like the musical instruments (guitars ) built by me, and there are people who don't like the guitars built by me.
For me personally, it is a great gift from Life (God) that I can build classical guitars. My existence came more often in contact with the music, and the guitar in all their forms, but especially the classical and acoustic guitars have a special resonance for me.
For me, building a musical instrument is the attempt to use the wood in its most noble form. Often as I walked through the woods, I admired the trees and I would have liked them to ask what they had seen over the course of time ... but I knew they could not speak ... or I did not know how to listen to them good enough.
By using the wood, I can hear the voice of each piece of wood, and every piece of wood can make its own mark on the sound produced in its own way.

Although I have been practicing this art for several years now, I recognize that there is room for improvement, but what is most important to me is that the instrument has 'a soul and a voice'. It can look perfect, but if it doesn't sound right, how I feel that an instrument should sound..and especially that it is 'alive', meaning that it responds as the interpreter wishes it to when playing a musical piece.

So, it is very important for me to build guitars that have character and soul, and are very present in the sound spectrum, with the whole sound spectrum that is specific to the classic guitar

I do not wish to build 'furniture', instruments that are perfect from the point of view of how they look, but which have no 'soul and voice'.
This is my vision of building musical instruments ... If you make an analogy with people, a person which is very beautiful, but has no soul, intelligence and wisdom, goodness, gentleness and the power to love. Likewise is it also with the guitars that I build that they should have soul, be comfortable when you play them and only afterwards comes the aesthetics of the instruments in play.