How to Order

There are two possibilities.
If you want a personalized guitar, the order will be honored after about 6 months-12 months(sometimes could be longer).
If you want a "standard" guitar or it is in stock (usually I try to have a guitar in stock), or maybe it's close to be completed.
Just by contacting me you can find an approximate date of delivery.

However, it is necessary an advance, for any order. (minimum 20% of the final value of the guitar (net price) up to 50% if the guitar it is somenthing special, this value will remain at my decision). The advance will be not be refundable if order will be canceled.
To place an order is necessary at least one e-mail, which will be confirmed with an answer that will specify which model of guitar, what woods will be used and what you will be your dimensions.Without this email no order comes at work and without paying an advance. (you will receive also an estimate about delivery date).
All payments will be made to the bank account.

All orders will be accompanied by documents (including invoice) certifying that the materials used to construct the instrument come from authorized sources according to international regulations.